Mobility Training of Apparel Design and Production

Within the framework of the ICT-TEX project, a mobility training for ‘Apparel Design and Production’ was held between 11.04 – 15.04.22 at TU Sofia, Bulgaria. The mobility training is part of work package 13 of the ICT-TEX project. The mobility training aimed to train the learners from project partner countries in the content of the pilot course of Apparel Design and Production, which was developed within the framework of the project. The training was organized in a collaboration between TU Dresden, Germany and TU Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Call for Mobility Training was announced in February 2022 and 10 students were chosen according to selection criteria and as per the mobility plan allocated in the project from Bulgaria and Croatia.

TU Dresden has been the work package leader for the development of the pilot course, ‘Apparel Design and Production’. The course is subdivided into three sub-courses: 2D CAD Pattern Making, 3D CAD Simulation and Apparel Production. During the mobility training, Assoc. Prof. Radka Atanasova from TU Sofia presented the course on 2D CAD Pattern Making to the learners, while Dr. Hassan Saeed and M.Sc. Doudou Zhang from TU Dresden presented the developed courses of Apparel Production and 3D CAD Simulation.

The mobility training was spanned over 5 days and the newly developed educational contents of all three courses were presented to learners to attain the training goal. The educational contents are presented by using the open-source platform of Moodle. The students were trained with 2D CAD software on Gerber Accumark and CLO 3D by trainers from organizing HEIs. Different tasks were performed by students during the training and they were made familiar with the content and digital environment of software and Moodle platform. The developed courses on Moodle platform offer various interactivities, which were also successfully tested by participating students.

In the end, an evaluation of the training was performed by the learners and the outcome was a highly positive rating. The learners were awarded a Participation Certificate at the end of training.



Students performing 3D CAD simulation during Training

M.Sc Doudou Zhang from TU Dresden interacting with the student's queries during the 3D CAD Simulation training session

Assoc. Prof. Atanasova (TU Sofia) leading the 2D CAD PM training session